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Web Directories Provide Targeted Traffic

Web directories can be useful for far more than just pure SEO purposes. This is an often overlooked reality that is well worth considering when choosing whether to add a business to web directories in general and in particular web directories specifically.

Qualified Visitors vs. Casual Visitors

Casual visitors to a web site will usually stay a very short span of time, and then leave, never to return. This is why offering a newsletter for an opt-in can help to encourage visitors to return later via a bit of email marketing.

Whether someone arrives via a search engine or from a click from a link in a newsletter makes a big difference to site owners because the level of initial interest and subsequent engagement is completely different depending on the traffic source.

Qualified targeted visitors are those that have an objective that hopefully will match what the site can offer them. A product that solves their problem; a service which can provide a suitable solution is what targeted visitors are looking for.

Quality Web Directories; Matching Visitors With Solutions

A quality web directory site is often one that is quite targeted, perhaps niche oriented and sometimes local. The more specific and less general a web directory is, the more the web directory can be customized to suit the needs of certain groups of visitors. With a deep understand of the industry covered, a directory can offer the most relevant information, presented in a useful way and pose the right questions when doing so.

A thorough review is also needed of new businesses seeking to be included in a web directory. Only with a high watermark for business inclusion will web directories offer useful referrals with their business listings. This in turn can bring visitors back to the web directory another time when other solutions are needed to new business problems.

Good Organization Is Needed

A well organized web directory can segment the market covered into relevant areas which make sense to people looking to buy products or services from some of the companies featured. The structure and layout will then make sense to the visitor who can find what they’re looking for and click through to the listed business.

Highly Targeted Traffic

Web traffic coming from an industry specific, niche specific or local focused web directory is likely to be far more valuable than that of a general search in a search engine.

The web directory visitor usually will know the problem that they are currently wrestling with and actively looking for a business which can help to solve this problem. Having chosen one possible solution provider from the web directory listings, this new visitor to the web site of the service provider is highly targeted to purchase a product or a service from that company.

Web directories provide targeted traffic. Such visitors are likely to be noticeably be more engaged, spend more time on the business web site and get in touch with staff to ask questions, rather than arrive and leave very quickly. As such, web directories can be an excellent new source of targeted, relevant traffic for engaged businesses.


Pete Daniel is a contributing author to Web Directory Digest.

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