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The Importance of Choosing an Appropriate and Relevant Category

Many, and perhaps even most web directories out there will offer a placement for your website in whatever category you choose to submit your site to. These are junk directories. Once you submit your placement request to a reputable and well organized directory, the editor evaluating your submission will determine whether your website should be placed in the category that you requested, whether they will reject your placement request altogether, or whether they will accept it but move it to a more appropriate category. Some editors are lazy, so your best chance of having your site accepted is to submit it to the most appropriate category. This is also the best place for it to be, given Google’s preference for relevant links.

Choosing A Category That Is Appropriate For Your Website

When you choose a category for your website placement, be sure that your chosen category is appropriate for your site theme. Granted, there will be many categories to choose from in some web directories, with many levels of sub-categories as well, so it’s not always easy to determine the most relevant category. Many webmasters are tempted to choose a category that is top-level, even though it has a more general theme, and is not the best choice for their website.

Choosing a category is an important decision. If you are tempted to choose a top-level category because you want people to find your website quickly, as well as because you want to gain as much PageRank juice as possible, keep the following thoughts in mind:There is a place for everything, and everything in its place.

First of all, the purpose for submitting your website to a web directory is, not only that you want people to find your website quickly when they browse through the categories within that web directory, but also because you would like to give your website more authority or power in terms of SEO, or search engine optimization. It means that when your website is listed in a web directory, it is highly likely that search engines will pick your website and it will  help to rank it well on the search result pages. This is why many web directories will charge premium prices for just one placement.

Second, the term PageRank is an outdated term in itself, since Google has abandoned the mechanism long ago, at least as far as public updates go. This means that if you are trying to put your website into a top-level category just because you want some more PageRank juice, it won’t give you much advantage to your website in terms of its performance on the search engine because you won’t know which categories have PageRank.

Why Choosing An Appropriate And Relevant Category Is Important

While some web directories will allow you to choose whatever category that you want, most of them will either reject your placement request or move it to an appropriate category when they find that your placement request is not relevant. Some will reject your submission if is made to an obviously inappropriate category. In order to avoid problems later, and to ensure acceptance of your site, it is better for you to choose a relevant and appropriate category for your website.

More importantly, when you choose the appropriate category for your website, you will be able to help your potential audience to find your website, when it is listed in the right place in a particular web directory. It will really help you to attract many repeat visitors to your website if you do so. Another benefit is that since the placement of your website is relevant and appropriate, search engines will rank your website better because of the high relevancy of your website with the appropriate category within the web directory. Lastly, Google spokespeople have often stated the advantages to relevant links, so being in a category that is truly relevant to your site, which will be listed among other sites on related topics, you will be given an advantage in the SERPs.

So, instead of choosing the more general category for your website, it is better for you to choose a more relevant category even though it is buried deep within several sub-categories, because in the end, it will benefit your website for the long term.


Jim Veradyne is the author of several websites portraying small North Dakota cities and townships.

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    […] Choosing a category is one of the choices that you will have to make when submitting a website to a web directory, so choose a relevant category.  […]


  2. January 3, 2015 @ 5:36 pm Jenna

    This is another common mistake I see, as well. People think this will give them more links or more traffic, depending on what they think they’ll get. What they fail to realize is that even if it did get them more traffic (which I disbelieve), that traffic would be far less targeted.


    • January 3, 2015 @ 6:17 pm WDD-Admin

      In reviewing sites, I see that all the time. Worse, there are some directories that will allow people to submit to the wrong category if they pay extra.


      • January 17, 2015 @ 8:50 am Neil

        I understand money talks but I still can’t see why they’d allow that in return for extra $. It doesn’t benefit anyone. The website owner’s traffic won’t be targeted and they’d miss out on quality, targeted traffic from placement in a more appropriate category, while the web directory on the other hand loses credibility from having unrelated websites placed in the wrong categories. With submitting your website to the wrong category I can’t imagine the click-through rate being too high either.


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