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The Importance of Content in a Web Directory

The Internet is full of websites that are trying to rank well on Google’s search result. What is the main requirement for a site to be listed on the first page of Google’s search results? It is your content. Without content, your website is nothing. Without content, there is nothing to be indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Without content, your website is like a barren land without any hope for life. The importance of content in a web directory cannot be overemphasized.

The Rise Of Web Directories

Web directories are not dead. In fact, the number of web directories is rising today, and you’ll find thousands of web directories offering their services to webmasters around the world. What is their chief promise for you, the webmaster? Their main promise, or your hope, is that your site will be included into their directory, and that this might help you to rank well on Google’s search results, or any other search engines. To be sure, this is not their chief function, but that is what they are to you, as you try to promote your website.

Content, Content, ContentSince the demand for top rank placement on Google is at an all-time high, many webmasters will naturally try to find some effective ways to improve their website’s ranking in the search engine results. Although many other things are important too, one means of promoting your website is by using the service of online web directories.

The Biggest Problem for Web Directories

The most significant problem for web directories is that, in order for them to be able to provide the best result for their clients, they have to rank well themselves. And you can’t rank well in Google without content. So, if you’re trying to build a new Internet directory, think about it like this. If your intention is to build an empty site with nothing but pages linking to external websites, absent any type of textural content whatsoever, you are not going to be successful in this business. There are a few pioneer web directories who have earned authority over nearly two decades of service, but a new web directory is not going to get anywhere without content.

Many large directories have achieved success in their business because they are not just web directories. They are backed with massive amounts of content that serves to attract a large amount of traffic to their directories. Although Yahoo is closing its directory down this month, it is not because of a lack of authority. However, the Yahoo! Directory not only had the authority that comes with longevity, but is not a web directory alone, but a portal of information that includes huge amounts of content that is updated on a regular basis. Newer directories like the Jasmine or Aviva directories have achieved a measure of success, not only for the outgoing links that are contained within them, but for the extraneous textual content that is included in these sites.

This is why many new web directories, and even some old ones, have had very little success in ranking well in the search engines. Some of them have begun with big intentions, but without the ability to live up to their promises. They don’t place well in the search engines, not because Google hates web directories, but because they don’t provide any solid content, either for their visitors or for the search engine spiders. They allow people to add their website links, but they fail to offer anything of value themselves. As a result, many of them fail. This is why most new directories don’t last longer than one year.

The Best Solution For Online Web Directories

The owners of online web directories should pay close attention to the importance of content for their website. Directories are websites, and websites require content in order to place well in the search engines. In the perspective of Google or any of the other search engines, web directories are no different from any other website out there, such as blogs, social media sites, and so on. They have the same opportunity to rank well on the search engine result page, but they also have the same requirements, the most significant of which is content.

So, in order for an Internet directory to be able to serve its users well, they should not only provide a website listing service, as they do, but they should also include some solid content that will provide useful information for their users, and food for the search engine spiders. If they do this, they will become more significant in the eyes of the search engines, and have a greater chance of ranking well on the search engine result pages. If they do this, they will be able to serve their users better, and they will be able to provide a more secure environment for the sites that are listed in them.

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Ken Anderson was an early meta editor for the Open Directory Project (DMOZ), as well as an editor with the Go.com and Zeal directories, and several other web directories, both short- and long-term.

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