5 Reasons to Submit Your Site to a Niche Directory

Finding customers for your business can be a difficult task. This is especially true if your business is new and you are competing with larger, more established businesses in the same niche as your own. Although you can promote your business through advertising campaigns, or promote your business web site through a pay-per-click platform, you may have to prepare for a big advertising budget, whTargeted Trafficich may or may not bring targeted traffic to your business’s web site. You may well want to do this until your web site can get established on the Internet, but you probably don’t want to keep doing it every week. It can get expensive.

You can also have your business listed on web directories, which will cost you some money, but not nearly as much as a continuous PPC campaign. When your business web site is listed on some reputable web directories, particularly ones that people actually use, you will receive some targeted traffic directory from the directory, and it may also help your site to be better represented in search engine results. In this way, you will be able to attract targeted traffic to your website for a long time to come. However, you should not submit your business web site to just any web directory that you come across. Relevant categories in some of the better general directories will help but another very good choice would be a niche directory that focuses on content that is relevant to that of your business or industry. Here are five reasons to submit your site to a relevant niche directory.

  1. You Will Attract Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Web Site — You can attract targeted traffic to your website through a variety of ways, such as by bidding on PPC platforms, advertising it through social media, and through local directories, which are also a good choice. But, if you use a PPC platform like Google AdWords to attract targeted traffic to your business site, you will only be able to attract traffic to your site for as long as you are willing to pay for each click. In a niche directory, you will be able to attract highly targeted traffic to your website by paying one-time submission fee to list your website in an appropriate category within the directory, although some directories have annual plans.
  2. You May Receive Long-Term Customers For Your Business — The more targeted the traffic that comes to your business site, the better the chances that they will become customers of your business. Targeted visitors are people who have a specific interest in the topic of your site, so if they find your website in a high quality niche directory, an element of trust will be added. Once your site is able to place highly in search engine results, the search engines will send you far more traffic than a directory is likely to, but a large percentage of this traffic will be from people who aren’t looking for what you have, and are less likely to become customers.
  3. You Won’t Need To Keep Spending Money On Advertising — Advertising your website on PPC platforms will require you to spend a lot of money every day in order to keep traffic coming to your site because you are paying for each visitor that you receive, whether or not they ever become a customer. Since niche directories are likely to charge either a one-time or an annual fee, you won’t have to keep paying overtime someone clicks on the link to your site. Certainly, your budgeting tasks will be easier.
  4. Your Website Will Have A Good Boost In The Search Engine — Most highly specific directories have good SEO power that is likely to benefit your company’s site as far as its placement in search engine results are concerned. Niche directories are usually maintained by competent people who have knowledge and an interest in the topic, so these directories often hold a high degree of authority.
  5. Your Website Will Rank Well On Relevant Keywords — When your business site is listed in a niche directory relevant to your industry, this helps the search engine algorithms to determine the subject of your site, which should help your business site to rank well for relevant search terms, which can increase the percentage of targeted traffic that you receive from the search engines.

So, now you have five reasons to submit your company’s site to relevant niche directories. However, keep in mind that you should only submit your web site to well organized, reputable directories that are relevant to your industry or site topic.

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Jim Veradyne is the author of several websites portraying small North Dakota cities and townships.

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  1. October 5, 2015 @ 6:48 pm www.inherenthippo.com

    Great short list of benefits of using niche directories. I am looking to start one and this will certainly help. Thanks!


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