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The entire purpose of Web Directory Digest is to support and promote the web directory industry. Although we may post articles critical of certain aspects of the industry from time to time, the motivation for doing so will be to build it up. We welcome and, in fact, need the contributions of others from within the industry, and from those without.

Feel free to promote your directory in our Promotions section, or to announce any new features or special offers, since that’s what these parts of the directory are there for. But I hope that you will also contribute articles relating to the industry in general, and become a contributing author.

We also have a Reviews area, in which anyone is invited to review any web directory or web directory script, using whichever criteria they wish. These reviews, of course, are the opinions of the individual authors, and do not necessarily reflect a consensus of those involved with Web Directory Digest.

Do you have a negative opinion of the web directory industry? If so, we invite you to tell us why. We welcome articles that are critical of the industry as well, particularly when they are well thought out.

If you have anything to say about the web directory industry, or about issues that are closely related to the industry, please submit an article to us and become a contributing author for Web Directory Digest. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a regular part of our publication or simply register for an account here and submit your article for consideration.

Please contact me before registering for an account here, if you’d like to become a contributing author because most of my new registrations are potential spammers, whose accounts are deleted.

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