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Anchor Text Diversity

Anchor text is the clickable text in a link. I’ll give an example of a link to Web Directory Forum, which is maintained by the same people who run this site. As you can see, the words, “Web Directory Forum,” have been made into a link, and if you click it, your browser will take…


Chasing Another Metric

Google PageRank was the perfect tool to use when you were comparing one site to another, but that’s finished since Google isn’t letting us know what a site’s PageRank is anymore. Webmasters now have to turn their attention towards something else in order to know how their sites stack up. Will they spend their time…

Web Directory Reviews Org Network

High PR

There’s a scandal going on around these parts, and it’s got to do with “high PR”. Google PageRank is something that meant a lot to people in the past, in that people like to have points of comparison. PageRank was especially important when it came to web directories, because a directory that enjoyed a high…

Web Directory Reviews Org Network

Abandoning PageRank

PageRank was everything having to do with anything having to do with SEO not so long ago, and a lot of people still haven’t gotten over it. Yes, it was important. At one time, PageRank was a determining factor that could boost a website into prominence or trash it entirely. PageRank was the one thing…

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