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Anchor Text Diversity

Anchor text is the clickable text in a link. I’ll give an example of a link to Web Directory Forum, which is maintained by the same people who run this site. As you can see, the words, “Web Directory Forum,” have been made into a link, and if you click it, your browser will take…

Web Directory Reviews Org Network

Rethinking Directories

If you think that web directories are dead, you’re probably not familiar with any real web directories. Yes, there are a large number of poor quality sites on the Internet that masquerade as web directories, using web directory scripts, but with no pretense of directory anyone to anything. Sadly, these are the sites that many…

Web Directory Reviews Org Network

What is a Web Directory?

What is a Web Directory? Are They Still Useful? Before Google hit the online platforms and before SEO even existed, most users had quite a hard time finding the right websites. Hence, Internet gurus decided to create web directories in order to provide Internet users with a complete database of web pages that are placed…

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