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Web directories have come a long way. Once the only reliable means of finding anything on the Internet, the lessened in importance as search engines became more proficient. Nevertheless, far from being old databases filled with links, web directories serve as useful alternatives to search engines.

The more reputable web directories are operated by human beings, many with professional staff who have developed a taxonomy, categorizing listed sites in an intuitive manner. Although relevant site submissions are considered, the majority of sites listed in a reputable directory were personally selected by a directory editor. As a result, the use of a web directory can be a satisfying experience for for those who are looking for specific resources online.

Web directories are probably the most important source of authority links for all website and blog owners. Regardless of the niche, webmasters who choose to capitalize on the benefits of web directories can get an edge over their competition. This is where Web Directory Digest comes in, helping webmasters, affiliate marketers and blog owners monetize their marketing efforts and get both top-quality links and organic traffic, as well as introducing Internet users to the benefits of using a web directory.

What is Web Directory Digest?

Web Directory Digest is a bold project of the well-known network of sites whose flagship is Web Directory Reviews Org. Every quarter, Web Directory Reviews Org assesses the twenty leading web directories, according to published criteria and rates them based on certain standards. At the end of each quarter, they list only the top ten most important and reliable web directories from among the twenty evaluated. Web Directory Reviews Org also publishes the WDR Directory of Directories, SEO/Web Glossary, Web Directory Forum and this site, Web Directory Digest.

The main purpose of Web Directory Digest is to promote the web directory industry, reigniting its former glory and helping them to become important again in the eyes of webmasters and those who are searching for resources on the Internet. Moreover, Web Directory Digest aims to promote the benefits of web directories to those who are not familiar with them.

The revolution has already started, and Web Directory Digest is already part of it. Our site is only a small part of this large industry. This is why we are anxious to have you contribute to our efforts. There are many webmasters out there who are expecting something different from us, something that could help them get what they desperately want — traffic and SEO ranking, and there are others who have grown weary of the irrelevant results they get from search engines.

Contribute Today

Because we work with people, not with search engines, spiders or crawlers, we are eager to welcome anyone who wants to contribute to Web Directory Digest. Whether you want to promote a directory-related business or you simply want to share an important piece of information, we are open to your suggestions. You may even send us articles that put a negative spin on the web directory industry, if you like. Since we are open to change and are not afraid of criticism, you can freely express your opinion on any matter of relevance to the web directory industry.

We love all topics related to web directories, but some of them are slightly better than others. For instance, we appreciate reviews of web directories or of niche directories, tips on the use of web directories, as well as articles documenting the benefits of web directories. If you are the owner of a web directory, you are more than welcome to submit your own articles, to announce a new feature of your website or to promote a new feature of your directory. Perhaps you would like to use your expertise to write articles supportive of the industry in general.

Web Directory Digest is here to stay, so do not hesitate to become a part of this project. It is intended to benefit the directory as a whole, and we’re all in this together.

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Web Directory Digest is a project of Web Directory Reviews Org, WDR Directory of Directories, Web Directory Forum, and SEO/Web Glossary.